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  3. One more time. This chick in this movie! #jenniferlawrence #SLPB #eaglesjuju

  4. This chick in this movie. #jenniferlawrence #SLPB #eaglesjuju

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    If I’m gonna be anything; the thing I’m gonna be is a badass


  7. Coca-Cola essentially shaped the Santa Claus we know today, thanks to its ads. Pre-Coca-Cola ads that appeared in the 1930s, the depictions of Santa Claus showed Santa as a tall and “gaunt” man usually dressed in blue, green, or yellow. Then, Swedish-American artist Haddon Sundblom drew a fat, jolly man wearing Coca-Cola red and drinking - well, what else? - and forever changed what Santa looked like. Some say this was Coca-Cola’s first attempt to market to children, albeit subtly. 


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    Everybody wants to change the world. But no one wants to die